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Hello again!  I wanted to take this moment to speak about a new service at our office that I am truly excited to have, called Nucalm.  This is a revolutionary new relaxation therapy that we have had in our office now for the past six months.  As you may expect, as a dentist, we see many  people who are nervous, anxious, or even phobic of the thought of coming to a dental appointment.  Others may dread the thought of a long procedure. After attending a class from the owner of the company who conceived of this technology, I felt the need to acquire it immediately.  This process involves dissolving few tablets in the mouth, attaching small pads behind the ears and wearing noise cancelling headphones and dark glasses.  After this the patient will be listening to soothing music with inaudible tones buried within.  The result is helping the patient on their own reach a relaxed state the same as when a person is on the verge of sleep.  They are still fully aware and with no feeling of being “drugged” as with more traditional sedition with pills of valium or breathing”silly gas”._

The stories and cases presented at the class were absolutely amazing, documenting patients saying in their own words how they successfully went through treatment and actually left feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Even better, they were able to continue on with their day fully functional and actually had a better night sleep as well.  I could not wait to offer this to my existing and new patients and see for myself. I am happy to say that I experienced the same results and I almost couldn’t believe the change in some people that I had known for years.  Patients finished their visits looking very happy and peaceful, and many remarked that they looked.forward to the next visit without anxiety.

Patients can utilize this for any type of procedure, and can even layer it with other sedition techniques we have in office safely.

You can check out for more information.  We are happy to extend a complimentary treatment to any new or existing patient.  After that it is only $25.  Patients must be 16 years or older, without allergy to milk proteins, without any implanted electrical devices, and must not be nursing or pregnant.  Please feel free to contact me for more information or to try it for yourself.

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