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I know they do good work cause my son works for them. He has nothing but good things to say about these people.

JoAnn T.

I had such an amazing experience here, I just wrote about it in my company newsletter! The atmosphere, the staff and most importantly Dr. Demasi provided me with an great patient experience. Thank you! I’m excited to have found a terrific dental office to be a part of.

Margaret B.

I have literally been going to this dentist office my entire life. I moved to Arizona, now live in California and STILL choose to go to this dentist office. I love it so much I work it into my vacations home. I pay out of pocket to go here, that is how much I adore this place and the people that work it. Thank you Dr. Saber and everyone there that makes a routine check up such a pleasure. P.s. If l’m good they sometimes will still let me pick a toy from the treasure chest

Katie H.

From the time I walked, in to the time I left, I felt welcome and cared for. I loved getting all the reminders prior as things can get lost in the shuffle of a busy life. The front office was warm and efficient. The office is well kept and clean. As a dental professional myself, (pediatric dental hygienist), I can be critical and have high standards when looking for a general dentists office for myself and/or family. Dr. G was wonderful! She was thorough, knowledgable and made sure I was able to share my concerns / questions. Everything I had wanted to address was addressed and she welcomed my feedback and worked around my comfort level. I appreciate the conservative approach to dentistry she exhibits while still being realistic and professional. Lane, the hygienist I saw was wonderful also. She did a great job, my teeth feel clean and she also was able to complete a comprehensive periodontal exam. Gentle touch and contentious! Highly recommend. Worth the hour long drive from home. I will be back and will bring friends! Thank you for the great care! Keep up the amazing work.

Brittney B.

“Just had my first visit … and was very impressed. My dentistry is somewhat complicated, and Dr. DeMasi handled it really well, including looking at treatment alternatives. Plus the folks there are so nice it feels like you’re visiting someone’s family home for dinner instead of there to get your teeth cleaned.

So glad we have such a good dentist in walking distance.”

Josh B.

I just had my first visit here and I am very impressed! Wonderful team and Dr. DeMasi was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and thorough. I appreciated her patience and expertise in addressing a problem that recent dentists have been unable to fix. She offered to see me in a couple weeks as a complimentary check-in to be sure the adjustment worked. The problem area on my tooth already feels back to normal and I am so relieved. I am definitely sticking with this dentist and highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone top notch personally and professionally.

D G.

The Healthy Smiles team is AMAZING! The receptionist, hygienist, and dentist were all extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Both Dr. DeMasi and the hygienist were responsive and respectful of my chemical sensitivities, something that is a must when I look for a health care provider. I couldn’t believe how much time Dr. DeMasi spent with me. She was very personable, informative, and thorough. Jessica was wonderfully gentle during cleaning, and I will definitely request to see her again. She even gave me a numbing agent to clean a pesky deep pocket more comfortably.

I felt heard and well informed, something I have not experienced with previous dentists.
Thank you!

Anne T.

Dr. DeMasi is so kind and compassionate, her and her associates kept my comfort in mind every step of the way. I’m scheduling the whole family for visits, and I can’t wait to finish my dental work with Healthy smiles!

Michele W.

Super professional and always friendly. Dr. Sabre is really gentle and brilliant at explaining things. It’s great to know that you can trust your dentist!

Zita F.

Healthy Smiles is about as good as it gets for dental and mouth care — I highly recommend them to EVERYONE!!

Cynthia B.

I’m new to the area and hadn’t picked a dentist yet when my crown fell off a few days ago (don’t get me started on Western Dental). Yesterday I was looking for a dentist that wouldn’t make me take a whole set of x-rays just to get my crown put back on. I was going through Yelp recommendations and found this place. I had already called a few dentist offices I found on a Bing search and either they didn’t answer, were corporate chains or demanded full x-rays. I immediately got a good vibe from this office with the initial call. They answered the phone right away and the front desk woman was very nice. She told me I would only have to do an x-ray for the tooth that needed work, to check and see if there were any other issues before they put it back on. This seemed reasonable to me. I made an appointment for Thursday. But before I knew it they called me back and said they had a cancellation and could I come in in about an hour? Hell yes I could! From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, they were nothing but friendly. Erika at the front desk is very personable and more than eager to help. The dentist was very gentle and explained everything. I got a shot to numb the pain and it didn’t even hurt! The dentist takes his time to make sure the work is done right, he wasn’t rushing or trying to work on two people at the same time. I was so happy I could have cried. Anyone that hates to see the dentist knows what a relief it is to find one that makes you comfortable and actually cares about you. I’m so relieved to have found my dentist on my first try. I will be booking all my future dentist appointments here and having my boyfriend do the same. Thank you Healthy Smiles!

Beverly A.

I had an emergency situation, needed a root canal, they got me in ASAP, the Doctors and staff are very nice and care about me, Thanks for being there for me when I needed you. 🙂 🙂

David C.

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Saber and Dr. Demasi for over 4 years, and have been extremely pleased with every aspect of their practice. Healthy Smiles dental group, along with the caring personal attention both these Doctors give to their customers is great. My wife especially appreciates Award winning Dr. Patricia Demasi, who happens to have smaller hands to help with her smaller sized mouth.
We highly recommend both of these wonderful people, because they are remarkable Dentists.

A Google User

Great group here! Everyone is friendly and understanding of your needs. I’m a real chicken to go to the dentist and they were very helpful with making my visits much easier than any place I’ve gone before. The best!

Carol D.

never thought I’d say this but, I LOVE MY DENTIST! � I had a seriously bad experience with a dentist 12 years ago and had avoided going ever since. I just went to Healthy Smiles this month, after several recommendations from coworkers, and I can’t express how amazing they are! They were kind, patient, funny AND they (without hesitation) helped push my car out of the snow when I got stuck parking. I’m headed back next week to replace a filling and am actually looking forward to it!

Sarah S.

I had such an amazing experience here, I just wrote about it in my company newsletter! The atmosphere, the staff and most importantly Dr. Demasi provided me with an great patient experience. Thank you! I’m excited to have found a terrific dental office to be a part of.

Amy K.

We live in the neighborhood and love Healthy Smiles. We always tell everyone we know that we have the best dentists! Attentive and gentle care with a welcoming staff.

Cindy R.

Words from a terrified dental anything chicken….Loving Dr. Patricia again after my second visit. She is so gentle, informative and understanding of my complete terror of dental work. I had a crown put in by her partner and husband Dr. AL many years ago and he was also as gentle and kind as Dr. Patricia. The support staff is also very friendly and the space is open and airy and bright. Nice, real, contemporary music also adds to the comfort factor. My mouth needs a lot of work because I have avoided the dentist for far to long because of fear. I love  that Dr. Patricia says and makes it feel like we are going to tackle my mouth as a team and there was no tisk tisking  or judgement about my lack of treatment until now. Only how we are going to work together to make my mouth and me much much happier. Very nice people here that really seem to be striving to make my life better rather than just making bank.

JaLene T.

I would definitely recommend. They were very helpful and pleasant. I had a very good experience and I am sure you will too.


I’ve been using healthy smiles for two years now and I couldn’t be happier with their staff and their work. The approach is holistic and genuine. They also provided a great referral when I needed an implant. Need a dentist? Go here.

Amy N.

Outstanding dental group! I was visiting Portland on a trip, and needed urgent attention for a molar that lost it’s filling. They were able to see me the very next day! The dentist is very kind and professional, and so is the office staff. He did an excellent job of repairing my molar, and even told me everything he was about to do before he did it, so I was informed. I love this place! If I wind up moving to Portland, this will be my choice for family dentistry!

Gene G.

Dr. DeMasi and her staff are so kind and helpful. Dr DeMasi is the most thorough dentist I have ever been to and explains what’s going on so I actually understand. She fixed a filling that another dentist had messed up and I have no more pain. She’s the best!

Valerie C.

Dr. DeMasi and her staff are always friendly, welcoming and helpful. It is amazing how much they remember about me even though I only come in once or twice a year.

Rosa P.

Dr. Demasi is THE best dentist I have been to. She explained every procedure before starting any work. Dr Demasi was kind enough to break down the price and importance of fixing each cracked tooth/cavity/crown that I needed. She offered me headphones since the work she was going to be doing was long and loud. She was gentle, kind and professional. She told me if anything went wrong I could call her at any time and she would squeeze me in. I recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome dentist.

Alli S.

Pretty sure this is the nicest dentist office I have ever been to–and I have had some great dentists! I can’t even portray adequately how thorough and friendly and awesome this group is!!

Jennifer K.

Not only is Dr. Patricia DeMasi a highly intelligent, skilled and excellent dentist…she also has a clear calling to help her patients achieve optimal dental health as well as overall health and well-being. She is by far one of the most caring and nicest people I know. And, she is deeply committed to giving back to the broader community. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Dr. DeMasi. As her patient, you will find that she takes her time to know and understand you – and, she provides wonderful counseling, education, and encouragement. After every visit to Healthy Smiles, I leave feeling uplifted, with a better outlook towards my overall health. I feel extremely fortunate to have connected up with Dr. DeMasi and the Healthy Smiles Dental Group!

Maureen K.

Portland, OR, July, 2010

Everyone that works in the office is friendly and competent. Dr. Saber is an excellent dentist – very gentle and careful. When I describe a dental issue to him, I feel like he’s really taking the time to listen to me, which is refreshing. The staff is also great about pursuing reimbursement from uncooperative dental insurance companies, like mine. Highly recommended!

Liz M.

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